Beer Pal

“Australians all let us rejoice, an app to find cheap beers..”



Store your five favourite beers in your fridge for quick access to advertised specials



Everyday Beer Pal checks beer stores and pubs for beer specials and pushes them out in real time


pick out the
best deal

You can choose in advance where you are going to pick up your beer from, at the price you want to pay


Track your

Beer Pal lets you keep a count of the beers you buy and will display the saving you have made

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  • Welcome to Beer Pal

    When Beer Pal’s first launches you will be greeted with your virtual fridge door, you can either sign up manually or with Facebook.

  • The Empty Fridge

    After signing up it’s now time to start filling your shiny new virtual fridge with your favourite beers. It’s important that you get them in the right order too!

  • The Full Fridge

    Now that your fridge is filled with all your thirst-quenching favourite beers, just tap on a beer and check out the specials near you instantly.

  • The Beer Specials

    Selecting a favourite beer brings in the specials, simply displayed and easily filterable by distance, price and more. There is also a map view for all you more visual minded folk or when travelling.

  • The Collection

    Add the Beers you buy to your very own profile page and see just how much Beer Pal can save you!

  • Get The Details and Go

    Before hopping in the car and going, you can check the details about that special. Some specials even have free stubby holders…

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  • Beer Pal Empty Fridge
  • Fridge Update
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Cut through the clutter

Beer Pal searches liquor stores and pubs websites everyday Specials are collected for over 5,500 stores across Australia. Beer Pal collects the beer brand, pack type, size, state, special price, start date, finish date plus any additional offers the specials are then magically linked to your virtual fridge in Beer Pal ready for your viewing.


Save Money

Always know who is advertising your favourite beers compare prices and choose where to shop in advance avoid the “sorry mate, that beer’s not on special this week”.


Save Time

Instantly know where to go, no more driving around and being disappointed when your beer has gone off special. Plan your beer buying trip on the way home from work, cut through the clutter searching through store adverts no more surfing the web.